The KYBA Project is here to get your boat or boat parts back. All it takes is a minute to register, for free, and we will tap into our network of users and partnerships with law enforcement, local business and organizations to get it back. Don’t wait – registering and saving the necessary information ahead of time is critical to using our tool to quickly recruit help from all over the world.

How do we do it?As a non-profit, KYBA’s main boat theft recovery tool is community. We empower users by allowing you to register your stolen boat and immediately alert not only the community in which you live, but the national and international communities on the lookout for stolen boats. A KYBA account lets you: Unlock our comprehensive stolen boat recovery platform Unleash the power of our volunteer community Create social media friendly stolen boat alerts Register your boat as stolen in police and pawn industry databases (coming soon) Have the best chance of recovering your stolen boat With tools like our promoted alerts on Facebook and our tweeting of stolen boats to our thousands of followers, KYBA amplifies your stolen boat listing. KYBA gets boat-theft sympathetic eyes onto your boat. If someone sees it or finds it, they can message you via your KYBA listing. And our network of ambassadors, boat shops, and law enforcement partners is growing every day. Boat theft is a hot issue, and people are plugging in to monitor online sales platforms, report chop shops, and return boats to their rightful owners. KYBA is the best tool in your time of crisis. Register your stolen boat now. You have nothing to lose.
Who can register boats?Everyone can register boats, for free.
How do you verify the boats that people register?Any question of verification is dealt with by reviewing your registration information. This hasn't been an issue.
How does this prevent boat theft?Right now people with good intentions buy stolen boats because there isn't a single searchable, simple resource to check before buying a boat. KYBA is that resource. The next time you buy a used boat, check KYBA first. We offer boat shops and law enforcement an easy to use interface to look up any suspicious boats they encounter, and a way to quickly contact the proper owner. We successfully recover stolen boats every week through this process.
How can I stay up to date on what KYBA is doing?Read our blog! We post most cool things we do there. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.
What if I sell my boat?Boat registration is permanent, it's free to transfer boats. Go to the edit page for the boat and select the "Transfer Ownership page" Enter the new owner's email address and save the changes! You will still be able to edit the boat until the new owner claims it.
How can I advertise on KYBAWe're in the process of setting up advertising opportunities throughout the site, particularly for local boat shops. Contact us to find out more!
My boat was already stolen. What should I do?Add the boat and details about the theft to KYBA now! KYBA is a comprehensive public database - if your boat was stolen, we think everyone should know about it. First, add your stolen boat to KYBA!. Once you've done that, we'll show you a checklist of what to do to improve your chances of recover
What about my privacy?Your personal information is never viewed, shared or sold without your permission. Boats are public and searchable once marked as stolen, but no information about the owner is visible. You can choose to share information (such as your twitter or personal website) but this is turned off by default. To learn more check out our article about privacy.